Real Estate Development

Real estate market conceptual image

Real estate development is the development of a plot of land according to the social and economic conjuncture of the region in terms of financial, legal, competitor, supply-demand balance, design, concept, duration, etc. is a type of investment created by conducting analysis and feasibility studies, producing projects and providing the necessary financing. For real estate development projects to be realized, 3 important building blocks need to be brought together by the investor: Land, Project Idea and Capital. These three building blocks can be provided by a single investor or by joint investment projects to be established with the cooperation of more than one investor. Creating and sustaining this partnership and taking the necessary steps will be easier to manage if the planned real estate development project is well examined, analyzed and planned.

Planning in such a way that you can obtain the maximum benefit from your investment in your real estate development projects that are planned to be constructed and minimize the return period of your investment and identifying the risks that may occur during the process, except for force majeure, in this context, in addition to the analysis and feasibility studies to be carried out before your investment in real estate development projects; controlling the analyzes made during the realization of the project and subsequent primary and secondary sales, and renewing them according to the need. Barbaros Investment as we guarantee to you, our customers.

For this reason, the investment desired to be made in real estate development projects;

  • Demographic structure of the region, socio-economic conjuncture,
  • Financial analysis,
  • Market research,
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Analysis of the most suitable type of real estate for investment (residential, residence, office, plaza, commercial unit, mixed project, etc.),
  • Analysis of the supply – demand balance of the region,
  • Analysis of customer demand, preferences and trends and purchasing power,
  • Target audience analysis,
  • Concept identification and development,
  • Analysis of the existing stock, ongoing projects and planned projects in the region,
  • Opportunity, attractiveness, shortcomings, quantity and quality reviews of equivalent investments in the region,
  • Examination of large-scale infrastructure and superstructure projects that have been realized, under construction or planned and that can support the potential of the region,
  • Analysis of the most effective and efficient use,
  • Swot (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis,
  • Analysis of the estimated supply-demand balance at the end of the investment process,
  • Secondary market situations analysis,
  • Potential rent, operation, etc. analysis of other revenues,
  • We provide consultancy services in research, analysis and determination real estate development projects in many subjects and areas such as the development of sales / leasing strategy (price determination, marketing scenarios, campaign options, financing and payment alternatives).