Real Estate

House model on blueprints background, engineer contractor office. 3d illustration

It is our goal to make the best use of existing real estate and speed up the process of investing and disinvesting.

In addition, we offer support in maximizing portfolio management, improving business processes and conducting technical and economic reviews at all stages of the real estate lifecycle.

By selecting a core team of real estate experts, we provide the best service to our clients for each project. We support international projects with our Barbaros Investment real estate network.

  • Strategy review
  • Finalizing procurement criteria
  • Setting goals
  • Financial projection
  • Feasibility study
  • Deal structuring
  • Integration planning
  • Market-specific due diligence
  • Special investigation work for the operation
  • Special review of negotiation support
  • Structuring services
  • Normal company or Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) setup