Engineering and Design

Engineering construction concept, Two female engineers is brainstorming sketches blueprint together

It would be wrong to think that engineering design is just a great idea. The outcome of a design is influenced by the physical and material constraints, uncertain issues, competition and commercial concerns encountered during the design process. However, users’ quality price perception determines how much time and effort a design requires. This whole process needs to be explained well to convince that a design is the best solution to the problem.

  • Preparation of Project Brief
  • Architectural Concept Design
  • Architectural License Project
  • Architectural Application Project
  • Interior Architecture Concept Project
  • Interior Architecture Application Project
  • Structural Static Project
  • Electricity Project
  • Mechanical Project
  • Infrastructure Project
  • Fire Project
  • Landscape Project
  • Operation Project
  • Site Specific Development Studies
  • Formal Procedure Studies
  • Licenses and Approvals
  • Audit
  • Site Control
  • Work Safety
  • Equipment and material control